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Become A Yoga Teacher

200HR Holistic Yoga Teacher Training

Accredited by Yoga Alliance

Our yoga teacher Training is a holistic program based on the understanding of that. To understand yoga you must first understand the self.


Body, Mind and Spirit


Joy Yoga and Wellness offers a therapeutic approach to yoga, blending passion, knowledge, and creativity. Our unique style integrates Ashtanga-based vinyasa, Hatha yoga, Ayurvedic insights, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation, and Chakra theory, focusing on creating a sacred space for healing and transformation.


With many unique specialities from our quality facilitators, our course is taught from an authentic place and embracing the holistic aspect integrating body, mind and spirit and to inspire and to develop subtle awareness.


This course primarily focuses on Vinyasa Flow Yoga,we encourage therapeutic anatomical alignment and hands-on adjustments and energetic awareness. We share yoga in an authentic way to encourage the practitioner to find their own essence.  Weaving the connection with nature, mantra, chakras, intentions, meditative awareness and pranayama, to train yoga with us is a conscious journey to self-inquiry.


Our vinyasa practice is derived from Ashtanga (8 limbs of yoga), Hatha, understanding of chakras (the energetic centres) and how to apply that to our own physical and meditation practice. 


The 200 HR training course is broken down into four elements, Art of practice, Art of living, Art of healing and Art of teaching.  Art is an expression from the authentic self which transforms the action into liberation.


Our lead teachers, Joy, the founder of Joy Yoga and Wellness, who has organised numerous retreats worldwide specialising in Ashtanga Vinyasa Flow, Chinese Medicine Theory, Chakra Theory and Yogic psychology. Alongside with Alvaro Esteban, an osteopath specialising in Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga, are dedicated to ensuring that your training adheres to the highest standards. Alvaro is a very talented teacher is currently teaching 200hr foundational training, advanced 300hr as well as training yoga therapists. We draw on ancient texts to understand how traditional yoga philosophy relates to us today, and how it can nourish our yoga path. You will love the sense of community that comes with our training, and you'll be encouraged to share knowledge and your own reflections throughout the course, so you can fully develop your teaching skills and style.


What you will learn:

  • Therapeutic approach to yoga filled with passion, knowledge, and creativity

  • Creating a sacred intentional space for healing and transformation

  • Therapeutic alignment of posture, creative and intelligent sequencing

  • Learn the authentic way of teaching postures, meditation, pranayama, and kirtan

  • Introduction to the Ayurveda system and yogic diet

  • incorporating and respecting many yoga and spiritual traditions while adhering to safe practices

  • We encourages practitioners to find their own essence

Course Content

The Yoga Alliance has set a widely-accepted international standard for Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) programs which includes a minimum hour requirements across five areas of teaching: techniques, philosophy/lifestyle/ethics, teaching methodology, anatomy, and a teaching practicum. 


This course will offer you a holistic view which encompasses multiple branches of yoga philosophies, asana practice, anatomy, pranayama, meditation, alternative therapies, kirtan, and teaching methodology. Delve into the authenticity of this ancient practice, which offers you a solid foundation for your future teaching career. This program is transformative, from your inner self, to your connection with the outside world, it will give you a new way of viewing the interconnectedness between the two. How our program helps you grow is like nurturing a plant, from the germination of a seed, to a robust tree with deep running roots.


Asana, pranayama, meditation and kriya techniques will be explored and practised each morning, so that our practitioners will be fully immersed into the experience and plant the seed of the practice within which will blossom overtime.

There will be time to develop one’s own practice, learn about anatomical alignment as well as to teach and assist peers during group teaching sessions.  The practitioners will also learn how to adapt the techniques for specific ages, levels, and some ailments. 



We will explore the idea of mantra as a subtle energy in sound structure. The practitioner will learn to chat and present yogic mantras for the beginner and/or ending of yoga classes in an authentic way.(such as Invocation and Shanti Path of the Yajur Veda). 


Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics

In this section, the goal and paths of yoga will be discussed and it leads to the concept and techniques of meditation.  Different stages of meditation will be explored. Yoga psychology and philosophy will be introduced by examining Patanjali’s yoga sutras, and the 8 limbs of yoga, and how they apply to our daily lives and the yoga practice.  We will also explore the interrelationship of different paths of yoga, such as Bhakti, Karma, Raja and Jnana) which are introduced in a philosophical and practical light.


We will present and compare Yogic and Ayurvedic concepts of nutrition as well as daily cleansing rituals, self massage techniques from the Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory.


Teaching Methodology

Practical teaching methodology includes how to demonstrate, observe, cue and assist students.  We will also introduce the importance of language used to enter, maintain and come out of poses. For example, in the forward fold posture, the image of ‘surrendering the body into the force of gravity’ is useful, as opposed to ‘pull’ or ‘push’ language.


The goal of theoretical discussions of methodology is to explore how to be a transformational facilitator or teacher rather than just an instructor. In this section, we will also explore the topic of the art of sequencing, creating a safe space, managing group dynamics, language and cuing, the ethics of assisting.


Anatomy and Physiology

In the 20 hours of anatomy and physiology class, students will be learning both the physical system and the subtle body.


Physical Anatomy

This session aims to teach the practitioner about anatomy and how it relates to postures.  The subjects include the study of the skeleton, muscles and joints, the cardio-vascular system and the respiratory system, and the endocrine system and how they are benefited by Yoga.


Subtle Anatomy

The subtle anatomy relates to the yoga teaching of three bodies, the physical, astral and causal, as well as the five corresponding sheaths. And the concept of nadis and chakras will be explored including its location, associated glands and the physical and mental characteristics of each chakra. There also will be discussion of ida, pingala and shushumna nadis, how they are related to the practice of asana and pranayama.



The practitioners will gradually be introduced to teaching by teaching peers poses or mini sequences and progress towards teaching a group.  There will be a standard flow sequence, and also a unique creative sequence that the practitioners assembled together holistically around a theme.

Why Train With Us

We are thrilled to have Alvaro Esteban as one of our lead trainers for this course. With many years of experience offering yoga training, ranging from 200-hour courses to specialised training for yoga therapists, Alvaro has guided numerous alumni toward successful careers in yoga. His former students have gone on to establish their own studios, host retreats, and lead workshops globally.

By training with Alvaro and Joy Yoga and Wellness combined, you will be guaranteed ongoing support throughout the course, access to the depth of knowledge offered by our exceptional tutors and an authentic and creative training program which incorporates scientific methodology.

Course Teachers

Alvaro Esteban

Alvaro's lifelong fascination with movement and the human body has taken him from early in life to explore martial arts, dance, yoga and different somatic techniques. This journey fostered a multi-disciplinary approach, integrating Eastern wisdom with Osteopathy. As an international Yoga instructor, Alvaro has been leading transformative Yoga & Ayurveda teacher trainings worldwide for over 12 years, sharing his profound knowledge and passion for these ancient disciplines with contemporary insights. His dedication to healing extends to his work as an Osteopath. Alvaro empowers individuals through Osteopathic treatments, helping them achieve optimal health by improving movement and reducing pain Throughout his endeavours, Alvaro remains steadfast in his commitment to nurturing the body, mind, and spirit, guiding individuals toward holistic wellness and inner harmony. (Learn more about Alvaro and what he does...)

 200HR Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Joy Yoga and Wellness

Joy Bennett

Joy has lived a life infused with yoga in every aspect of her life, and studied with many experienced teachers throughout Asia for more than 10 years. She gathers her diverse range of yoga education to create an environment that supports self-awareness and deep healing. Joy has taught Yoga for nearly 10 years and is currently a resident teacher at the 5 star Chewton Glen Hotel, as well as teaching at various locations across the Dorset and Hampshire area of the UK.

Tuition Fees & Payment Options

Total price £2780, or early bird price of £2641

The early bird discount is available until end of June 2024

Payment Plans

After your application is accepted and you've paid a £500 deposit you will be automatically signed up to a monthly payment plan. Your first payment is due 1 month after the date that you pay the deposit. 

We offer an early bird  5% discount which runs until June 2024.

  • Early Bird Payment Plan (until June 2024)

£500 deposit followed by 12 months ​payments of £178.4 via BACS, total fees £2641 (including 5% early bird discount)

  • Long Payment Plan (from June-October 2024 )

£500 deposit followed by 12 months ​payments of £190 via BACS, total fees £2780.​

  • Short Payment Plan (available from October 2024-course start date )

£500 deposit followed by 6 months payment of £380 via BACS, total fees £2780.​

We offer three payment plans, which are available depending on when you enrol in the course. Please get in touch if you feel an alternative payment plan would make the course financially accessible for you.

200HR Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training with Joy Yoga and Wellness in Bournemouth Dorset







Course Dates & Location

It is important that you attend all the training days that we have scheduled, to meet the requirements of graduation and certification which is required by Yoga Alliance.

If you have to miss a day due to extenuating circumstances, we will be as flexible and accommodating as we can to arrange catch-up sessions.  Please note that there will be extra fees applied for arranging this.

Term Dates:

The course consists of two 9  days term (8am-6.30pm with lunch break 12-1pm)

Term 1


Term 2


Term 3

12/03/2026 - 15/03/2026



We have selected a beautiful spacious venue in Southbourne.  A space which provides a deep sense of tranquility and peace for you, while we conduct the course. You can take a walk along the Southbourne beach nearby during your lunch break which will help you to cleanse and reclaim a peaceful mind in between classes.  There are plenty of restaurants and cafes around for lunch or refreshments. Local advice for places to eat and visit can be given.


The teacher training course was amazing! Beautiful moments of union, friendships, studies, learning and practice, which made me one before and another after the course. I was looking to refine my knowledge in alignment and execution of asanas, but I also left there with special teachings for life!

- Fernanda



When I decided to take the yoga teacher training, I was looking for something that could improve my practice, body awareness and strength in the way of self-realisation, however, after the first class I forgot everything I had been looking for (laughs), I realized that I was exactly where I was supposed to be, where I was going to be challenged, step out of my physical, emotional and spiritual comfort zone, was really a dip, dip into the earth, becoming a seed and open to all the nurturing that was to come. We call it Formation, but for me it was an empirical experience, I learned about asanas, philosophy, scriptures and relationships, and yoga is that, relationship, isn't it? With the other, with the whole and with yourself! I strengthened the body and the bonds, we watered the seed with sweat (it's chaturanga after chaturanga) and tears (of joy, love, longing), the ears were getting more and more accurate and the Sanskrit sounded like a known friend, I was present and I got the sangha as a gift. Finally, I am grateful for the decision I made back there, when I decided to perfect myself on this Yoga path, this path that we build every day. Training is a stage of discovery, of giving a lot of dedication, study and love, and it was certainly the right fertilizer for me to continue with more strength the challenges that are to come. 

- Elaine

Further Information

Reading List

See the reading list here.


  • 1 year practice, including online or in person

  • Reference from one yoga teacher (if possible) and one character reference. But if you don't have a regular yoga teacher, and  you can't provide 2 references, you can make a short video (5 mins max) introducing yourself and demonstrating the following poses.

    • Adho Mukha Shvanasana

    • Trikonasana​

    • Parsvottanasana

    • Vrksasana

    • Setu Bandhasana

Course Certification

This course is registered with and certified by Yoga Alliance International.

Terms & Conditions

See attachment

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