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Sharpham Retreat

10-12 May 2024

Yin & Yang Balance Retreat

Mindfulness • Restorative • Rejuvenating

We have selected the beautiful and tranquil venue of Sharpham Trust for our 2024 retreat in May. The Sharpham Estate land is one of the best surviving examples of an 18th century mansion which sits high atop a promontory with spectacular views of the River Dart. Nature fills every inch of your vision and touches the heart with overflowing inspiration. Offering privacy and calmness, the retreat centre is set in its own grounds besides the river. There is immediate access to the surrounding countryside and rooms are ample and spacious.  Sharpham Estate land is registered organic and the charity has an active rewilding project protecting and enhancing it's wildlife and habitats.

The purpose of this retreat is to rejuvenate and rebalance the body and mind from the busy modern lifestyle. These busy patterns disconnect us from experiencing our essential nature, which is inner peace and happiness. We have selected this special venue for you to channel your energy towards rebalancing and relaxation. It's space which helps take you away from your daily commitments and immerses you into a conscious, mindful state, allowing you to feel your balanced self once more.

The retreat will comprise of morning vinyasa flow and afternoon yin/restorative yoga sessions, as well as an optional one hour aromatherapy and massage workshop. Meals will be provided by the venue's own cooks, it includes award-winning Sharpham cheese made from Sharpham Cheese company. All meals will be vegetarian or vegan friendly and freshly prepared using organic home-grown produce. 


There will be free time for you to explore the stunning grounds, with its lush herb and tea gardens designed by Percy Cane in the 1960s. Take the short walk down to it's own secluded outdoor swimming pool which sits in the Walled Garden and simply relax by the pool, or join our guided walk around the stunning landscape. The land at Sharpham Estate is calm and beautiful which is dedicated for mindfulness meditation retreats for many years and listed as best UK and European meditation retreats by The Times. This Sharpham retreat is designed to allow you to fully relax with friends or partners, or simply take the time to be by yourself.

What can you expect


Sessions are inclusive for all levels, providing a supportive environment for those learning or revisiting yoga fundamentals, including postures, alignment, breathing, and techniques. The sessions incorporate a blend of Vinyasa flow, Hatha, and Yin/Restorative styles. Daily practice fosters a sense of grounding, centering, and rejuvenation.

Pranayama (breathing exercise)

In the medical community, there is a growing appreciation for the positive impact that deep breathing can have on the physiology, both in the mind and the body. Both Pranayama and meditation helps reduce anxiety and depression, lower/stabilise blood pressure, decrease feelings of stress and overwhelm, improve immunity.

Home Grown Organic Produce

We offer fresh, home-cooked vegetarian meals catered by Sharpham's own kitchens, proudly using as much as locally sourced proucts from its own gardens and award-winning Cheese made on the Estate. We can accommodate dietary preferences like gluten-free and vegan; kindly inform us in advance.

Singling Bowl Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Deep breathing, Pranayama, meditation, and Yoga Nidra offer significant benefits in the medical field by reducing anxiety and depression, stabilizing blood pressure, alleviating stress, and enhancing immunity. Yoga Nidra, with its unique body scan and breath awareness stages, provides deep rest and relaxation beyond conventional meditation. When combined with singing bowl meditation, it promotes profound cellular-level relaxation for improved overall health.

Holistic Workshop

Included in the retreat will be an optional one hour workshop using hand blended massage oils and knowledge of acupuncture pressure points, to help you learn these new skills that you can then take away with you.

Connecting To The Self And Nature

Ample scheduled free time allows you to immerse yourself in the lush Algarve landscape. Revel in the beauty of the surroundings, take a dip in the outdoor pool, and bask in the warm climate. Spending time outdoors in nature is known to release stress, boost the immune system, enhance sleep, promote relaxation, and spiritually cleanse your aura.

A Place You Can Truly Relax


Sharpham is a special house in a spectacular setting where we hope you can feel at home and enjoy the relaxed, friendly and cosy atmosphere. Lots of people think that a historic house must have been draughty and cold, but it's warm and cosy here (thanks to our eco-sensitive wood-chip boiler). 

The rooms are spacious and some of them have attractive views, helping you deeply rest and rejuvenate in a nourishing and inspiring atmosphere.

  • Twin Room (double occ) - £450pp (Available)

  • Single Room (single occ) - £450pp (Available)

  • Double Room (double occ) - £450pp

  • Double Room (single occ) - £480pp

  • Ensuite Double Room (single occ)- £520pp (Available)

  • Ensuite Double Room (double occ) - £500pp

*Rates are in GBP per person and are fully inclusive of accommodation, meals, yoga practices and a workshop.

Spacious & Historic Rooms
Delicious Organic Meals
What's Included
  • Two nights accommodation 

  • 2 x Morning yoga & meditation 

  • 2 x Afternoon restorative yoga / yin yoga 

  • 1 x Workshop

  • Daily vegetarian/vegan breakfast, lunch, light supper

  • Full use of the estate including the outdoor pool


What's not included:

Transportation to the retreat 

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