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Things to know before

Travelling to Marrakesh

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 In general you will probably observe that many women dress and behave very conservatively and reserved and may just be 'hovering in the background'. In this case, it is appropriate to acknowledge them but they may become uncomfortable if you attempt to engage them in too direct or open a manner.


For female visitors, the best dress code is to dress 'modestly'. For general guidance you should keep your upper arms to the elbow and upper legs to the knee covered. In addition, tops should not finish above the waistline of your trousers and expose your mid-riff and your neckline should not extend down more than a few inches. In some situations it will be appropriate for women to cover their head and hair with a scarf. You should look around to see if others are doing so or ask one of the Moroccan's accompanying you.


Public displays of affection between a male and a female, such as kissing, is not considered appropriate and should be avoided. You may notice Moroccan men walking or standing holding hands, this is normal between good friends and does not indicate anything beyond platonic friendship.


Some Muslims may consider the left hand to be unclean. You should always therefore shake hands, eat or offer and receive with the right hand.


Tipping in Morocco is expected in hotels. 10-20 Dirhams should suffice for bags and cleaning services. At restaurants tip 10-15% of the bill if a surcharge has not already been added. For taxis, round up your fare.

Tipping guides and porters is not mandatory, but it certainly is appreciated.


The power sockets used in Morocco are type C and E. These are the same as in most European countries, except for the U.K. The voltage is 220V and the frequency is 50 Hz. For UK travellers, you will probably need a travel adapter.


The average high temperature in Marrakech during October is 29ºC, so you won’t need much more than shorts and t-shirts for the days. Temperatures usually drop to 15ºC at night, so you’ll want to pack a warmer top for the evenings. Humidity’s low and ranges from 30% to nearly 90%, while average rainfall’s 22mm across five rainy days. 

During October there are 11 hours of daylight with eight hours of sunshine each day, and you should watch out for the high UV levels and use lots of sun cream. Sunset’s around 7.15pm at the start of the month, and gradually gets earlier before daylight saving ends and brings it forward to 5.45pm.


- If you happen to run out of space in your luggage to pack your favourite yoga mat, don't you worry, we will have one for you!

- Some comfortable yoga clothes allowing for stretching, such as cotton tops, loose shorts or leggings.

- Something warm and cozy for Shavasana, relaxation and meditation, such as a soft cardigan, warm socks.

- A good book that you can enjoy while you are sunbathing!

- Bring along something that says pampering to you, it's a retreat that we practise self-care and self-love.

- A pair of comfortable walking shoes to explore the city or joining the mountain walk we planned for you.

- Bustling colourful markets is a must see when travel to Marrakesh, but always bare in mind packing the valuables away in a secure money belt or body bag when in and out some busy places.

- Relaxing and comfortable clothing.   There is no need to dress up for dinner, but instead something casual and comfortable and maybe a shawl to cover your chest and upper arms as the dressing culture there is relatively more 'modest'.

- We have a fantastic rooftop terrace that you can sunbath also a little dipping pool so you may want to pack a park of swimwear.

- A spare bag to pack your shoppings away!

- Also don't forget to bring a adapter for your electricity chargers, in case you need your phone for any emergency situation.

- For the Visa, citizens of the UK and Northern Ireland travelling on a British passport do NOT require a visa to enter Morocco

- A wonderful self, it's a retreat that allows you to reconnect within you and to be yourself.   Turn the phone off, shut the computer away, no distractions and just be at the present moment and listening to your body to allow the true healing to take place. 

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