Virtual Spring Detox Retreat

Spring brings an optimal opportunity to reset our entire inner ecosystem. This retreat is going to give you a dose of at home wellness, and we will provide you the knowelege and techniques to cleanse and then nourish your body, mind and soul. Let's not miss this chance for the inner body rejuvenation! 

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Registration closes on: Friday, 1 May 2021

Who is this cleanse for:

For anyone who is new and well versed to Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, 5 elements cleansing and nourishing techniques. We aim to create a supportive circle that you feel encouraged and safe. A gentle cleanse ritual is offered to meet all body types and constitution, but it can also tailored to meet your conditions and requirements. This is a great opportunity to give your mind and body a rest and rejuvenation. You will also learn the basic daily selfe care rituals that you can take away with and apply to your everyday life. 

Why cleansing is important:

  • Give your inner system a well deserved break

  • To prioritise your wellbeing

  • A powerful digestive rest and reset

  • Enhance the vital energy, which nourishes the senses and our soul

  • Cultivating the habit and mindset of self-care and self-love

  • You will feel brighter and lighter

  • Learn simple but nourishing foods preparation to look after yourself better

  • An affordable alternative to onsite retreats

  • This retreat is exclusively from the comfort of your own home - get your friends involved!



What to expect:​

  • Mindfulness Meditation - a guided meditation to understand the roots of our mind

  • Morning Vinyasa Yoga - release tension in the hips, upper back and shoulders and improving the body's built-in detox system

  • Cookalong Brunch - a simple but nurishing food preparation 

  • Afternoon Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra meditation - a guided experience of deep rest, and relaxation

A day retreat is a perfect opportunity to reset and nourish our body, mind and soul.  

Entry price: £30 each


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